What's Range Engine?

Let us show you a bit about Range Engine

About Range Engine:

Range Engine Is a Light And Powerful Game Engine And 3D Software, Made Based On Blender Game Engine With Improvements From UPBGE.

Why Should I Use Range Engine?

Range Engine Brings a Ton Of New Features And Is Under Constant Updates That Will Make The Software Better and Updated.

Can I Switch My UPBGE 2x Game To RanGE?

For Sure! RanGE Engine Is Fully Compatible With UPBGE 2x
(It's Recommended To Make a Backup Of Your Project
And Change The .blend Extension From .range Before Switch Your Project To RanGE.)

Is Range Engine Free?

Range Engine Is Free And Open Source, But At The Start We're Doing a Collaboration Campaign
On Patreon To Make RanGE Keep Updating, So The Early Access and Latest Range Engine Releases Is Only Available For Supporters At The Moment.

Legal terms as the GPL has already been discussed, everything is in compliance.

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